A northern country in what before the Renaissance were the Luminaire Kingdoms. Though official history states that the Luminaire conquered the land, the truth is that this small land joined them at the request of their patron deity Ald Wyr Malus. Natives are fiercely independent, loyal warriors who strive to prove their mettle and thus earn a place in the Lodges of note.

Lacking a formal central government, most diplomatic and nation-wide issues are handled through a Lodge-moot. It is a saying on Praxis that the given word of one from Wolstolyn is as good as the promises of three Gods. There is only one thing worse than an oath-breaker to the Wolstolynes and that is one who proves unworthy of such oaths. As of the Renaissance, Wolstolyn's Lodges are advised by Cewanna, formerly Briskar of the Crownstar Lodge. Though now an undead Mamonme, her countrymen and -women are more than proud of her.