Originally appeared in the user Perentie's 'The Serpent and the Shoemaker'. A skilled shoemaker who was raised in a Mamonme-friendly state, but moved to one where they were feared and hated in order to start for himself. Ostracized for his mellow views on non-humans, his sole comfort lay in the nightly visits (through enforced slumber and dream contact) by Serafina, who disguised herself during her trips to his small home.

Not feeling tied to his home and desiring to wed her, he accepted her request to meet in the wilderness, discovered her true nature and accepted all that comes with being married to a Lamia. Though soft-spoken and gentle he's the only man who can calm her down if she's overpowered by her emotions. When she's out, he looks after the kids, though evidence suggests he still makes shoes and other articles of clothing. Clover Meadlowry for example owns a dress he made from scales Serafina donated.