Tufa's looking cute.

Tufa the Kaaiman has been a longtime resident of Crystal Plinth, where she's been praised for her skills at illusion magics and at the same time has earned a reputation as the worst housekeeper ever known in that city. The mysterious odour emanating from her home has caused neighbours to complain more than once to the garrison.

Currently, after the umpteenth incident, she's agreed to stay elsewhere for a while as specialists are investigating the source of the smell. Which is a topic of some debate. Her neighbours blame her housekeeping while she insists it must be the doings of a maleficent Magical Girl. Either way she's opted for an unusual location for her vacation: the world of Ithus.

To keep herself busy, fed and in good company she's managed to land a job at the Inn of No Return. Though barred from cleaning, her skills as a waitress and illusionist are so in demand that the inhabitants of Gateway are actively looking for a means to make her stay a permanent one. Up to the point that they have posted a contact advert in nearby settlements for a friendly houseproud man.