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The Praxis Compendium Wiki is the #1 online source for all materials related to the Mamonme (a.k.a. Monster Girls) setting of Praxis. Please read our Rules and the Wikimedia Community Guidelines this is still a work in progress so check back regularly. Also, if you find any bugs please report them. Please don't hesitate to join our discord where you can have direct access to the creator. He is always willing to chat if available ☀

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Praxis is a beautiful world with many diverse cultures scattered across, below and even beyond its surface. Mamonme, a.k.a. Monster Girls as they are called elsewhere, live (relatively) peacefully next to humans, Celestials, Fae, Dwarves and other beings under the gentle guidance of Lady Eiraiha. The world has seen much strife, most recently culminating in the destruction of Old Heaven and the onset of The Renaissance.

  • Mamonme, Celestials and more are just waiting to be discovered.
  • There are many beautiful locations to explore
  • Our glossary of terms can help you with the technical bits.
  • The many individuals known to have shaped Praxis are examined here.

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