Kita Akrufia is a fairly dry continent on the northern side of the Great Divide. The Dynasty of Aten have a large territory here and many fierce Mamonme dwell there in the highlands, such as Mios. However, on the north-western edge of the continent, at the border of the Wildlands there is a majestic river that irrigates a vast delta.

The Mermazon gains its name from the numerous Mermaids that dwell in its waters and is also known as the Green Vein of Kita Akrufia. Wildlife , Mamonme and plants of all sorts, including Aluraune and Lichen, ensure that said nickname is well earned. Phantom Ships sometimes explore the river, though especially in the delta it is not uncommon for one to fly flags asking Mermaids or others for help when she runs aground on one of the many shifting sandbars.