Phylum Arthropoda, Family Myriapoda

Habitat: humid or moist areas

Disposition: Emotional, caring, sensitive, lustful.

Diet: Fruit and plant juices, meat, Spiritus

Shongororo are monster girls found in many parts of the world with the upper body of an attractive woman and the lower body of a millipede. Living in jungles, forests and even moist plains, Shongororo tend to feed on juices found in plants and fruit, however they will at times partake of meat, once again, this is highly uncommon as Shongororo are often too slow to catch such prey.

Due to their large number of legs Shongororo are very slow beings in terms of mobility and this also spills over into their way of life. Shongororo have no weapons to attack or defend with, they are unable to sting and their bite is particularly ineffective, thus they have to rely on their own hard, chitinous armour to defend themselves and their mate from attacks by other beings. Although these mamono may seem particularly weak, they more than make up for it with their burrowing ability. It is believed that Shongororo were responsible for the connection between the Sealed Sea and the ocean proper. They are exceptional engineers when it comes to burrowing, and it is not considered surprising that dwarves often make use of their services when mining.

Shongororo as with all mamono desire a mate or husband to spend their life with, and as such, they do have mechanisms to attract potential mates. The typical method applied by these mamono, is to hide in particularly dense foliage near the path of her potential partner. She will then release a powerful odour containing a pheromone to attract the male in question. A Shongororo can easily control the nature of this odour, if the recipient is a threat she will make the odour smell particularly distasteful to drive away the enemy. If on the other hand, the recipient is a possible mate, the odour will have the scent of a delicate perfume, much like her own personality.

Once her mate has been successfully secured, the Shongororo will proceed to coil herself around the man, protecting herself and him with her chitinous segments. We should state here that a Shongororo's shell is mostly impervious to attack. We must also offer a warning, these mamono are rainmakers, it is a well known fact that hurting a Shongororo's feelings will bring tears, and these tears cause deluges and other forms of heavy rainfall. Killing a Shongororo can and will cause devastating floods.