Perry's tale is an unusual one, originally an inanimate parrot doll made by Miho Humblestone-Saerti intended for her then youngest daughter Lena, he obtained a soul and the name of Par-rite by her devoted affection. When little Lena discovered a particularly embarrassing 'treasure' belonging to Eiraiha, the Goddess granted him life as a kind of Tsukomogami in trade for its return.

When the family went to Ithus with Damast and Kaori and met Kaori's grandparents Par-rite sacrificed his life to bring Kaori's grandmother Linsha-Ri Lanmei back to life despite severe internal damage and an untested medical procedure involving Ureonggaksi-slime. By decree of Ithus' supreme divine ruler though he was returned to life as a human.

Perry, as the boy came to be known, was entrusted to Linsha-Ri and her husband Bruno to be raised as a human. It took some time to adjust, but bar his unusual eyes, accelerated aging and an ability to sense what people are destined for one another he is human. He is also firmly claimed by Lena, which has caused the normally shy Ureonggaksi to develop a fierce protective streak.