Age of UpheavalsEdit


A schematic map of the town before the Renaissance. It was rebuilt after the war damaged it.

Mistburg was a small town near the sea that did not have a port, but in stead had gained prominence through being a land-trade hub with beautiful walls that shone whenever the sea-borne mist caressed them. Mamonme and Humans lived there in peace, though there was also cause for quite a skilled team of guardsmen to be on active duty.

With the arrival of Miho and her subsequent settling down with Henry of the guards, Mistburg gained one more architectural feature which spread from there to distant lands: Ureonggaksi roads. It is also the first Praxian settlement to be visited by alien visitors since ancient times.

Mistburg was badly damaged by the Celestial weapon known as the Fay-thest during the war, though it would be rebuilt and expanded during the Renaissance.

The Renaissance and beyondEdit

Mistburg recovered from the war quite well, its pristine walls still glimmer, though a new segment had to be added as the town has expanded. A notable new addition to the town is a popular swimming pool that doubles as an infirmary for wounded Lakedancers and other aquatic Mamonme. A surprising number of Valkyriar have settled here during the Renaissance in addition to a small number of Fae.

The Goddess Eiraiha has also been spotted in town along with a group of children, though despite numerous testimonials no outsiders would believe what sort of hat she was wearing at the time.

Stories taking place thereEdit

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