Korragae or Korae of the Rosetwined Staff is one of the most powerful Sorceresses on Praxis. Originally born into slavery in the Luminaire penal colony of Tann am Schnee, she lost most of her friends and almost her own life one day when an 'accident' happened in the sawmill where they worked.

Lokaeli managed to save her life and reattach her arm, further seeking to help her by giving Korae the powers of a Magical Girl. Sadly these, and her successes against the Luminaire slavers, did not stop them from gathering the villagers in a bid to defeat Korae.

What emerged from that battle was a Sorceress whose mind had lapsed into a fractal state of incoherence. She was found and brought before Seretique vi Alloriel, who managed to bring her back to sanity, though a hole remained in her memories. Korae fell in love with Seretique, who to her surprise felt a mutual attraction. In effect, Korae became co-wife, though she does not seek Damien's affections and would prefer to be Seretique's fated mate instead.

She considers herself an 'aunt' to the Serebim, though many amongst them are decades or even centuries older than her and betimes resent this intruder in their parent's marriage. She served as one of the most conscientious motors behind the running of the Demon Kingdom, but when called to battle she would deal death to the Luminaire to such a degree that they placed an unprecedented bounty on her head.

When Clover Meadlowry and Eiraiha defeated Seretique, Korae was battling Alyssum and her squad of Magical Girls and Sorceresses. Feeling the drop of power and vitality in Seretique, she fled with the intention to destroy the Goddess and her minion for slaying Seretique, eventually working for Renburn Fennich in the Darklands.

After discovering Seretique alive and well, she accepted a penance imposed by Eiraiha and was placed under the care of Liccitia, the new Goddess of Magical Girls and Sorceresses. She is frequently frustrated by Fennich's reluctance to repent and Licci rubs her the wrong way sometimes.

Of note is that Korae appreciates craftmanship in objects and values the artistic representation of the female form in art. Speculations of cataloguers under the Matrika Beluaine run towards her having commissioned most of the statues depicting Seretique.