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Eyeing a potential mate speculatively, the Impundulu.

Phylum: Avialae

Family: Harpeia

Habitat: Southern plains lands

Disposition: lustful, ruthless, devoted, jealous

Diet: Spiritus, female Blood, human foodstuffs

Description Edit

A snowy white-plumed harpy with an easily recognisable black tail. They have a penchant for beaded clothing.

in the distant past, impundulu rode the skies in the form of giant harpy-like birds of prey. They were feared by those of Minami Akrufia for their ability to strike lightning from their talons and their skills with regards to shape-shifting into a human form to draw blood from victims. It was often claimed that wicked mages were responsible for summoning their kind to do harm to their opponents.

Nowadays, impundulu are still greatly feared for their appetite for human blood as well as their ability to call lightning. Living mostly on the southern plains, these mamonme build nest-like fortresses in thorny thickets to keep unwelcome visitors out, and unruly husbands in. Although impundulu feed on blood they prefer the blood of females, many times taking on the form of a striking young man to seduce a female before draining her of her blood. Any woman that has been drained becomes a new impundulu.

Impundulu have keen eyesight and are known to ride the gusts of thunderstorms, often hiding in front of the white or grey backdrop of clouds just waiting for an opportunity to grab a potential mate. As such they are the bane of trekkers, people who travel in large caravans of wagons across the unclaimed wildernesses. These mamonme are known for their lightning fast attacks from above when dealing with lagers or even solitary travellers. In fact, such attacks have even acquired the infamous epithet "bolt from the heavens" referring to the sheer speed and unpredictability of their technique.

Although uncommon, it is not unheard of for mamonme venturing too near to an Impundulu's abode to find themselves on the receiving end of such an attack. While such attacks oft result in a painful bite from the aforementioned mamonme, it does not have the same effect as it would on a human woman. Whereas a human woman would become an impundulu, a mamonme will simply fall unconscious until her energies have restored her to normal. We must mention though that said mamonme will awaken with a flaring headache. It is for this reason that the disparaging term; "crazy birds" is often thrown about by those mamonme who have had the misfortune of having said encounters.

An Impundulu will appear before a male who has attracted her fancy in a shower of lightning. She will not take no for an answer and will proceed to spirit away said male to her nest. Woe betide the female who is already a companion of the male she has set her sights on. If this is the case, the Impundulu will jealously drain her of her blood on the spot. Once back at her nest she will calm and show herself as the perfect hostess in an attempt to win over the male in question, if this does not work the male will be treated as her servant living with her for the rest of his days and satisfying her voracious sexual appetite. If the male willingly leaves with her she will never abandon him, switching her diet to whatever foods her husband eats, as well as his Spiritus while drinking blood in far lower quantities.

During activities of a more libidinous nature, an impundulu will place love bites across his neck drawing small volumes of blood and declaring him as her own. As is well known, these mamonme are capable of generating and harnessing the power of lightning and it is said that they employ this ability during acts of this nature.

Those we have interviewed have attested that while an erumo's charge is soft and gentle, an impundulu's currents are far more raw. It is stated that the charge released, which is typically released from the talons, is wild and ravages her partner while eliciting an almost beast-like reaction from her mate which impundulu seem to crave and adore.


  • This mamonme is based off the South African mythological bird of the same name ;a breed of vampiric birds believed to act as familiars or servants to witch doctors. The birds, of course, have an insatiable appetite for blood and -depending on versions- sex as well.
  • Interestingly, the bird from myths is generally male, or at least being able to shape-shifts into a beautiful young man to lure women to their doom.