Gateway is fast becoming one of the largest cities on Ithus and serves as one of the major portal hubs of that world. Two known gates to Praxis are found here, one of the Era of the Mists/Age of Marvels that was reopened during the events of Taking Chances. The other a larger and of improved design one was constructed during the events of Redemption: One Must Fall as a means to move large groups between the worlds.

Origins Edit

Gateway was, until a few years ago a small farming community that had not bothered with an official name. Famed for the Inn of the Harvest Repast in those days, it managed to attract travellers and wandering merchants. After the owner of the inn passed away locals did not keep the inn open and it fell into disrepair.

The wandering merchant Damast encountered Mari, a local girl who had been sold a transformative potion by an unscrupulous peddler, and (following her being ousted by her parents) suggested to the town council that she be allowed to revive the inn. This in a sense was the beginning of the modern Gateway. Her skills as an innkeep earned the inn the name of The Inn of No Return, as patrons rued having to leave. Now being a full Succubus, she attracted Mamonme to the inn (And accidentally transformed the village girls who helped her there) as well as new humans.

Transition Edit

When Damast succeeded in bringing Mari's mother back from a severe predicament, he also brought a fairly huge group of Mamonme and their husbands to her wedding. Liking the town, most of them settled there and regional leader Balase Lamont found that she could love anew, marrying mayor Job Stock. Together they started the expansion of the town into the bustling city it would become.

Discovery of a set of ancient portals underneath the town, one leading to Praxis further enhanced the town's significance. During the War of Heaven's Mandate, Gateway became the focal point of Ithus' involvement. Mercenaries, aid, volunteers and even a specific Goddess went to Praxis to bolster the efforts of Lady Eiraiha.

Gateway today Edit

Gateway has become one of the most economically powerful centres on the Melosian continent. Holding close ties with other Mamonme friendly states, such as Grammaueld and T'ang Shan, the city has become a byword for both having an accepting nature and being a sleeper hit.

The Inn of No Return manages to remain the biggest attraction, with Tufa's illusions adding to the varied shows there. Granny's Chapter of Sabbath has an advanced hospital there, with a deceptively small looking complex to house their other activities such as the Magic School nearby. The Order of Radiant Light has tried to launch a propaganda offensive (at least, the conservative branches have) intended to stop humans from moving there, but to no avail.