A spell originally devised in the Age of Marvels, it allows the caster to either transport themselves (and people touching them) to known and even unknown locations or to summon someone from a known location. The latter though should not be attempted without some sort of Divine senses to pinpoint one's location as results can be messy otherwise.

Unlike a portal, the Gate spell does not tear a hole between two points in space, rather it envelops the target in energy and moves them through a side-dimension to the specified location. The number of passengers that can be taken along varies according to the caster's abilities. Recent evidence suggests that a well-known Principal Goddess can easily bring some ten people along at once.

This spell is oft referred to by those in the know by the moniker "skimming" and while quite intensive for novices and intermediates can carry an individual an effective 500 kilometres at a time. As such, most intermediates can only use this spell twice a day.