Asura, beings thought to be the originators of all bad deeds and beings. They are simply put, evil spirits who oppose the Gods. Technically, all or the vast majority of the antagonists would be Asuras or decendants of these vile beings. It is postulated that those who worship evil's denizens , such as followers of Nephyriel or those who venerate the grand ruler of the Beyond all allow themselves to be possessed by these beings.

It is hypothesized that the inhabitants of Limbo through their many attempts to gain a foothold in Praxis, attempted to bore into the gateway networks which allow travel to Ithus and other worlds beyond the veil of our cosmos. It is during one of these incursions that the beings known as the Asura are theorised to have been encountered. The beings are said to have joined the employ of Nephyriel and Limbo, but whether they follow his demands out of respect or for their own inscrutable purposes remains to become apparent.

What can be said however, is that humans possessed by a lesser Asura, or a minion of a greater Asura, will transform into a monstrosity or a twisted version of themselves.

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