A special spell discovered by the sorceress Aedelynne late into the Renaissance period. After her fall from magical girl to sorceress, Aedelynne spent many years travelling in her perception bauble and finally met the human of her dreams in a young man who wanted to be a ruin explorer, but was not confident enough to start out. The sorceress first married the human before using her stubborn willfulness to break him out of his shell.

The two went on many grand adventures, however their trip to Central Agassizum would be the one in which Aedelynne made an amazing dicovery, a box which stopped food from aging. After countless experiments in her perception bauble, the sorceress finally announced her find, a special ward, which when placed by magic would stop food from spoiling.

Essentially what this magic brings about is an enclosed section of reality where time does not pass. As such food can be placed in a container with this ward inscribed on it, and be stored indefinitely. When the the object or food is removed from the field of the rune it will be in the exact same condition as it was when stored originally. Aedelynne Caskets can be bought with jewels inscribed with her runes at many different emporiums across Praxis. As such, these artifacts have made life a lot more convenient for many mamonme, humans, fae and dwarfs throughout the lands.