Articulatory Relay Engine

The Articulatory Relay Engine (first seen in SpectralTime's "A Facade of a Web" and making its first appearance on Praxis during Just Desserts) is a magic-driven device reverse-engineered from an artifact belonging to the age of Marvels. In essence, it allows people to communicate across vast distances much as an earthling would use a house phone.

During What's not to Lichen, the technology has been improved to form the MARE or Mobile Articulatory Relay Engine, a mobile phone of sorts.

Role on Praxis during the RenaissanceEdit

Prior to the Time of Upheavals, ARE's were not found in every home, since various reasons prevented it from becoming widespread. However, under Lady Eiraiha's benign rule during the Renaissance, the technology quickly gained ground. These days most towns and cities have at least one public use ARE and many more are produced by the Melissae of Crystal Plinth.